Conditioned to follow

When Jesus calls the disciples to follow him he calls the disciples away from following another journey and direction in their life.  They had been followers of a way of life by the sea, working to provide sustenance for their life and community.

Following a way of life, following a culture, following people comes as  naturally and unconsciously to us as breathing.  From our very birth we are conditioned to follow, to listen, to learn, to copy others, to give our allegiance to groups.

Sometimes we are quite deliberate about our choices in following others, sometimes we respond out of pressures or insecurities, sometimes we give our allegiance away without to even realising it.

Just as Jesus invited the disciples to rethink the life they were following the message that has been handed on the church is that Jesus continues to invite us to make a conscious decision to follow him.  To follow Jesus though does mean becoming more aware of who else and what else we are following.

Whether a sports team, a career path, a brand, a TV show, a family tradition, or the culture in which your are embedded we all following things.

Who or what do you follow? How does Jesus call on your life challenge the other things you follow?