First and foremost we are human

It never ceases to amaze me how vitriolic the comments are which are made by people claiming to be Christians below posts on websites, on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and other avenues for cyber communication.  The comments are often filled with hate, fear and self-righteousness.

There are comments which attack other Christians, atheists, Muslims, refugees, the young, the elderly,  people with different understandings of their sexuality, the unemployed, the poor, the wealthy, those of different race… the list appears to be endless.

What does it mean to acknowledge God as creator and God as love?

As Jean Vanier suggests each person is sacred!

First and foremost we are created and loved beings of God.  Beyond all of our differences we are human and being human is about our unity with one another in our life as God’s beautiful creations.

When you see someone or meet someone what is your starting point? Do you see a wonderful creation of God? Do you see your common humanity?  Or do you judge them for how they are different to you? What does it truly mean to love one another? How might it change how we speak about one another face to face or within cyberspace?