Fishing as a family

There is something entirely wonderful about watching generations fishing together. There is a certain delight that a grandfather takes in teaching a young grandson or granddaughter to rig their line and bait their hook.

It seems for some things we know how to share across the generations but for others we struggle to do the same.  Imagine if a grandparent took the same delight in sharing their relationship with God – how to pray or read the Bible or even to share their faith.

When Jesus called the fishermen Simon and Andrew to follow him he said that he would make them fishers of men.  Fishing was their trade but even back in their day fishing was a family event because a son would learn the trade from his father.

IMG_0386Having a living and active faith, following Jesus, means learning the trade and then passing it on.  We learn first from Jesus and also from those in leadership in the church but we should also share it with one another as a family – we should pass it on.

This is one of the reasons I find great joy in having a mix of generations in worship together rather than segregate based on life stages and interests – the family of God can share across the generations and learn the trade of being  fishers of men, women and children together.

Who taught you to be a “fisher” following Jesus?

Who are you teaching to be a “fisher” and follower of Jesus”?