Why a Christian?

Recently when I asked a group of people to write down why they were Christian. One person responded with the answer, “I don’t really know why.”  A little confronting, yes!  But then the next sentence, “I did not really have any choice in the matter.”  And then the insight of faith “God chose me.”

Sometimes we don’t need to know why.  Sometimes we don’t need to understand everything.  Sometimes we don’t need to be in control of the situation. Sometimes we just need to hear the word of grace that God chooses us.

God chooses us to be Christians.  People from all around the world.  People from all kinds of socioeconomic groups. People of all different ages.  People who think differently about God and life.  People who don’t always agree or act nicely.  God chose us.

“I don’t really know why.” seems to be an answer that was shared from a place of deep faith and trust.  Maybe a place that acknowledges that “I” am not in control and don’t have to have all the answers but that remembers that whatever the reason, whatever we know or don’t know, God chooses us.  A sign of God’s love?

I wonder why are you a Christian?