On Lock Out Laws and a Healthy Society

The so-called “Lock OPhoto Courtesy Rod Sheaut Laws” just passed by the Queensland Parliament may address at some level the consequences of binge drinking and the random violence that has maimed and killed far too many.  Yet a question should still linger in all our minds.

Have we addressed the real issue?  Have we even asked the question? “Why?” Why is it that people feel the need to drink so heavily? Why is it that ‘fun’ is connected to losing control of our bodies and minds?

As a culture it seems we Australians are prone to drinking excessively for escapism and entertainment.

Maybe this is because we have a deep unease in our culture: a listlessness and lostness! Individuals are searching for meaning, and hope, and connection.  These laws might help address the symptom of over indulging in alcohol and the violence that seems to ensue.

However, the question remains: “What can we do to build a more positive culture in which people feel connected and loved enough that they do not feel the need to get ‘wasted’ or express their insecurity through violence?”

And for those of who follow Jesus what might we do to contribute to the building of such a culture?

(Photo Courtesy of Rod Shea)