On Halloween

I must confess growing up as an Australian I find the infiltration of Halloween into our culture as both an Americanisation and Commericalisation of a holiday to sell us more things.  These aspects of Halloween, greed and gluttony, are far more concerning to me than any ‘spiritual’ dangers of dressing up as ghouls or ghosts.  At least when we are dressing up in silly costumes we recognise what we are doing, but when it comes to greed and gluttony this is our embedded in our culture.  Despite this critique, I also understand that the history of the celebrations do have spiritual significance that when known might offer the possibility of conversation with people who engage in Halloween activities.   I believe that there is always a possibility of God at work in all manner of things.  How will you respond to people who knock on your door, or invite your children to participate?   How do you engage in Halloween?  How could you see it as opportunity rather than simply risk?