Not in the abundance of possessions.

It is difficult, almost unfathomable, for those of us brought up in the shadow of consumerism to understand Jesus challenge to people of his own era when it came to money, possessions and greed.  We live with the dream of owning our own home and filling it with things.  It is our way of life, it is expected.  It is how I live too.  But what are we really spending.  In this brilliant reflection from the documentary Human Jose Mujica gives us some perspective on the issue: “When you buy something you’re not paying with money. You are paying with the hours of your life you had to spend earning that money.”  You cannot get those hours back.  He does not advocate for poverty but for sobriety – for balance.  If we are to be people of the coming kingdom now what does it mean for you and I to live a more balanced existence in a world obsessed with buying and owning more and more and more?