Fast time, slow time, eternity now.

Over the counter today in the corner store a simple common exchange with the cashier.  “How’s the day going?” I asked.  “It’s good, it’s going quickly.” 

Photoshop_Clock_007959_I sauntered out of the shop marvelling at the idea that someone would want time to pass quickly.  Time presses on constantly, incessantly, unforgiving.  Sometimes it feels slow, sometimes it hurtles by but time passes by.  Our lives are like the flowers and grass of the fields that pass so quickly.  So few days and hours and moments to spend with others.  Such a precious thing: time.  How do we use that time?  How do we experience the moments in which we live?  Can we slow our experience of life and live deliberately? 

Jesus said that eternal life, although I prefer the translation eternity life, was about knowing him and the Father who sent him (Jn 17:3).  The practices of our faith encourages us to be attentive to the relationship with God and so encounter eternity life now.  This may involve intentional contemplation, and attending worship or prayer groups with others as doorways to enter into the eternal now of life. 

This week we recommence Sunday Night Centring Prayer at St Lucia UCA.  An opportunity to enter eternity life now.  Come along, slow down and enter the silence of God’s presence within and around you and discover that time going slowly can be a good thing too.

Centring Prayer 5:50 pm – 6:20 pm St Lucia Uniting Church.