December 5: The spirit of wisdom and understanding: teaching & learning

Isaiah 11:2

The spirit of the Lord shall rest on him,

the spirit of wisdom and understanding,

the spirit of counsel and might,

the spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord.

As people of faith we have a long and deep history of reflecting deeply on the world and its people and our relationship with God.  The commitment to learning and understanding has been reflected of our long history of engagement in education establishing monasteries, universities and schools.  The question for us as people of faith does our journey into education and learning assume we have answers or that there is mystery in learning and questioning and exploring.

If the spirit of wisdom and understanding rests on Jesus and we are to be followers then asking how we might follow Jesus into deeper spaces of learning. In this TED talk Sir Ken Robinson asks some fundamental questions about what the purpose of learning and education is.  How might this alter our view of teaching and learning as followers of Jesus?

Sir Ken Robinson “How schools kill creativity