December 24: The unpredictability of divine revelation

Luke 2:9

Then an angel of the Lord stood before them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified.

The appearance of the angels to the shepherds is a story which reminds me that encounters with God are unexpected, uncontrollable things.  I cannot offer Jesus to anyone as he is not mine to give.  I do not expect the shepherds were a particularly bunch, the were not making themselves open to God that night deliberately, they were not seeking after spiritual experiences.  The unpredictability of divine revelation and its utter grace should never be underestimated nor the fact that such revelations bring with them a mix of emotions: confusion and fear, joy and elation!

Today the TED video I am sharing is just about the unexpected and just a little bit of fun.  It is also a reminder that despite our best preparations things are not always in our control!

Just for the fun of it