December 18: Strangers: friends and enemies…

Psalm 80:6

You make us the scorn of our neighbours; our enemies laugh among themselves. 

As human beings, especially in the so-called Western world, we seem to spend and inordinate amount of time assuming those who are different from us, who even those we simply do not know, are somehow a threat to us.  In our insecurity we are worried what others will think of us and how they will treat us.

The coming of Jesus into the world is a reminder that we are all made to be in communion with one another, living in and through each other’s lives, moving beyond suspicions and fears into relationships.

Maybe the first step is simply being prepared to get to know the stranger, to listen to their stories and share their humanity.  In this video an experiment in relationship building by the Soul Pancake team we see the possibilities of relationship opening up.