Breaking Bread

In the story of the walk to Emmaus I have long been struck by the opening of the disciples eyes when Jesus broke the bread.  This breaking of the bread is repeated in the life of the church whenever we share in communion and has been a reason I have taught the value of weekly communion.

It is in the breaking of the bread that the disciples become aware of who has been with them on their journey from Jerusalem to Emmaus.  Now whilst there is reportedly a physical presence in this story I have long believed that Jesus ongoing presence with us is revealed to us when we break the bread.Bread & Wine by Ian Britton

So, whilst sharing the bread and wine does, and should have, a sense of celebrating in the coming kingdom of God already (in the jargon of the church it is an eschatological celebration), it can also be a very grounding experience.  Our eyes are opened to the reality that Jesus has been walking beside us each and every day as well and maybe even a reminder that our hearts have been burning within us as he has been teaching and helping us on our way.

Id this not an argument for regular celebration of the eucharist? Is it not also a reminder of the importance of gathering with the community of faith to be reminded of Jesus presence in every moment and be encouraged to responded with attentiveness and witness?