Approaches to Prayer: ACTS

Do you pray?  How often? When? Where? What about? Gisela Giardino Hands

Paul writes that “he does not know how to pray as he ought” so I have a sense that we never arrive at a perfect way of praying, but the Spirit groans within.

Nevertheless, through the journey of faith we can encounter approaches to prayer, maybe call them spiritual disciplines, that help us to nurture and persist in our prayer life.

One of the earliest forms of prayer that I can remember being taught about was based on using the acronym ACTS.

Adoration – Praise God for God’s glory.

Confession – Admit there are times you get it wrong, that we all get it wrong.

Thanksgiving –  Express gratitude to God for what is happening in your life and in the world.

Supplication – Pray for someone else or something else.

This formula for prayer pushes us to think beyond ourselves and incorporates shifts in our emotions from joy to sorrow to gratitude to lament.  It can be a short form with a sentence or phrase for each.   Or, you can heap paragraph upon paragraph in each section.

Prayer is a discipline of trust and deep engagement with God.  This simple approach to prayer can be used with others or alone.  Do you pray?  How often? When? Where? What about? Does the simple form of prayer help?