Peddle on!

I have recently begun cycling again and for me this is usually a solitary activity.  I go out alone and set my own pace.  It may come as little suprise that pack after pack (the peletons) of cyclists pass on by as I push hard against the wind myself.

Occasionally I am lucky enough to hold on to the back wheel of a group in front of me for a while and having done so am often amazed to look down at my spedometer and see how fast I am going with so much less effort.

In its own way this little moment is a constant reminder that when on a journey it is always better to travel with the support of others.  As people made in God’s image we are made to be in relationships, relationships which provide support and energy.

This is true whether we are studying at Uni, at school, in the work place or in our homes.  And it is true of being the church.  To go back to my anaolgy of the peleton I wonder whether we could think of Jesus as leading the group whilst the wind of the Spirit is the slipstream the draws us along the journey!?

I wonder in what ways you draw on the help of others and when it is that you try to go it alone?