We do not consider enough what a subversive and counter cultural act coming to church on Sunday is. 

This morning as I travelled to church I saw people setting out in lycra for their ride, I saw basketball players on a court, people walking their dog, other houses with doors closed and people sleeping in (well quite possibly). 

Others are heading to the Ekka, whilst some have birthday parties to attend, and for yet others a day at the coast or in the mountains. 

Instead of choosing one of these many options in churches across Australia people gather and in so doing remind each other that there is a God, that this God is love and that there is an invitation to think of life in the world in more expansive ways as followers of Jesus.

Sometimes I hear it said you don’t have to go to church to be a Christian but when I consider what a radical and subversive act it is in this culture that invites us to leisure first maybe coming to church has greater importance than we think.

What did you do this Sunday?