Living the Faith

Living the Faith is a series of sermons and studies which invite you to deepen your faith as you explore the 5 different aspect of being a Christian. 

Sermon Title & Theme Question

1. Whom do we follow. Who is Jesus Christ?

2. Celebrating New Life. What does it mean to be baptised into Christ?

3. More than a meal. How does God grow us in the faith?

4. A Shared Life. How do we live in Christian community?

5. Helping hands. How do we live in the world?

9am Sundays from 30th June-28th July 2013


In this time of (political) turmoil
This time of joy and dejection
Of half-truths and false accusations
In this time of unspoken desires
And unexpressed joy
In this time of changing allegiances
And of new optimism
In a time when those who remain silent
Are overtaken by the vociferous
When what’s in it for me
Is often the guiding principle
When it is difficult to knowAug to Dec 2010 084
                What is right
                What is good
                What is true
                What is trustworthy
When we look at our neighbours with suspicion
When we choose our words carefully to avoid hurt or anger
In this time of turmoil in our community
And in the land we hold dear
Let us pray for this country that we love
And for its people 

Let us pray for [Our] Rolling Brown Land 

Lord God,
your Spirit has moved over the face of Australia,
and formed from its dust a rolling brown land.
Your Spirit has moved over its warm tropical waters
and created a rich diversity of life.
Your Spirit has moved in the lives
or men, and women, and children,
and given them, from the dreamtime,
an affinity with their lands and waters.
Your Spirit has moved in pilgrim people
and brought them to a place of freedom and plenty.
Your Spirit moves still today
in sprawling, high rise cities,
in the vast distances of the outback,
and in the ethnic diversity of the Australian people.

Lord God,
in the midst of this varied huddle of humanity
you have set your church.
Give us, the people you have so richly blessed,
a commitment to justice and peace for all nations;
and a vision of righteousness
and equality for all people in our own country.
Help us to look beyond our far horizons
to see our neighbours in their many guises,
so that we may be mutually enriched by our differences.
and may our love and compassion for all people on earth
be as wide and varied as our land
and as constant as the grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.

[Douglass McKenzie, Uniting in Worship, Peoples Book p. 240]
T4P 27th June 2013     Lesley Shaw


Anniversary can be moments of joy.  “Thank God we made it this far!”

They can be times of reflection. “Ah, remember the good old days!”

They can be times of hope. “Let’s make it another good year!”

This year as we celebrate 36 years of the Uniting Church I am reminded again of why it was we came together and it is this which shapes my response.  That in and through Jesus Christ unity is God’s gift and will for the church.

Here is a gift we have received in fullness but not yet for the church is not one at least in any visible way.  By coming together the 3 uniting churches the Congregational, Methodist and Presbyterians acted in penitence, turning towards one another and so also God’s gift and will for unity, but as they did so they also acted as witness to the church and world, this unity is not for us alone.

Institutional unity amongst the churches may not be necessary to achieve the unity to which God calls us, yet seeking reconciliation and unity with other Christians remains a calling from God. 

Jesus prayed ‘that they may be one so that the world might beleive’.  We are neither one nor has the world come to believe.

So on this anniversary the moment I find my response is this “May we remember God gifts and will and may we learn to be one.”